Freestyle Libre reader & Sensor decorative stickers




Customise your Libre reader with these groovy little stickers. Includes 1 x reader sticker and 1 x sensor sticker.

Use the dropdown bar to make your choice from the 25 designs available.

Hard wearing print will not wear off.

To apply the sticker peel the backing from the bottom and fold the backing away from you whilst lining up the sticker within the silver outline on your libre reader. Once you have it placed correctly and lined up with the bottom of the screen, peel the remaining backing paper off and smooth the sticker up towards the top.

Use the circular sticker to decorate your libre sensor.


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bat crazy, Butterfly, diamonds, dinosaur, dirt bike, emoticons, English Rose, fairy, football, Green Pixel, hearts, horses, lego, leopard, mario mushrooms, Music Doodles, Owls, paw prints, Russian Doll, skulls, snowflake, spidermask, Superman, unicorn, zebra


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