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  • Have had ordered two of these so far and about to order a third. Brilliant bags, really good for toddlers to put the insulin pump and wire tidied away. Fabric is beautiful and really well made. Characters are fab.
  • I ordered a pump pouch for my 3 year old, it’s fantastic and really well made. My little girl loves it and keeps showing it to everyone. Thanks x
  • Absolute fantastic customer service and delivery. I am very impressed and have a very happy 6 year old boy with his mini superheroes blood testing case. Thank you Kylie, your design and hand crafted products are a joy to see and use. It brightens up my son’s life thinking he’s a mini superhero!! Thank you so much.
    Alex Cairns
  • Always perfect! Love purchasing from this shoppe!
  • My item turned out better than expected! I LOVE it! I especially appreciated the seller taking extra time out to customize it for me.
  • Love love love this Mario pump pouch!!! Will definitely be ordering again
  • Thank you so much for our pump pouch. She’s gone, instantly, from hating her pump due to its visibility to loving it again as her pouch is snug and private. You’ve saved my sanity. Thank you
  • Lovely pouch. Really well made and my boy refuses to wear any other pump. Love the zip charm. We have 3 pouches from pimp your pump and all are excellent, well made and really bright and fun. Buy with confidence

4 thoughts on “Customer Reviews

  1. HI Paula, sorry I don’t have any Fireman Sam, thanks Kylie

  2. HI, Helle, definitely not a dumb question (most people ask)! The buttonhole is a small slit at the back of the pouch which allows you to thread the pump tubing through neatly. However some people prefer to leave the zip slightly open and have the tubing exit there, it just comes down to personal preference, thanks Kylie

    1. Thank you! I will hurry up and order some of your wonderful pouches. Might as well pimp up the disease from the start… 😉 Helle

  3. HI, your item was posted on Saturday, airmail from the UK to Italy can take 7-14 working days, thanks Kylie

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